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Reinventing Performance Management to Boost Business Operations

Leadership | 13 Nov. 2019

Performance management, if done well, does not only boost business output but helps staff grow professionally. No wonder the biggest and most-renowned corporations have used a selection of such tactics for long. Deploying the best approach to your company will help you nurture a corporate cultur... Packages for 2020

Salary Reports | 06 Nov. 2019, Malta’s only salary benchmarking tool with over 13,300 salary data points, grants employers access to updated salary data within the Maltese market. As of January 2020, will launch two new pricing plans. With the freemium model, users will have access to ...

Are Your Employees Paid The Right Salaries?

Business | 25 Oct. 2019

“The most valuable asset of a 21st-century institution, whether business or non-business, will be its knowledge workers and their productivity.” - Peter Drucker, 1999.

**In order to acquire excellent talent, you need to make sure that the salary packages you are offering are in line wit...

PRESS RELEASE: Proactive HR Departments Help Drive Companies Forward

Business | 17 Jul. 2019

**Presenters attending the third HR Networking Series’ (HRNS) event this year — entitled “How HR Positively Impacts Your Organisation” — established that the more proactive the human resources department of a company is, the better employees will feel and the better the firm can perform in their ...

Press Release: Second HR Network Series for 2019

Business | 21 May. 2019

Second HR Network Series for 2019 by showcases tax tools

Salaries in Malta held its 2nd HR Network Series for 2019, entitled “Tax Efficient Employee Benefits” at Xara Lodge, Rabat, sponsored by and [Zenith TII Ltd](https://zenithg...

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