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197 Job Positions / 9614 Observations / 201 Companies

Last update: June 2024

A data driven, secure and convenient solution. provides research based compensation data to companies & individuals. Real-time and validated data for better intelligence, transforming the once dark art of compensation into a data-driven science.
With, both employers and individuals have their finger on the pulse of the talent markets.

201 Companies

197 Positions

9614 Data points

June 2024 (Last updated)

A tool to understand the market. offers you a reliable tool to benchmark remuneration packages within the Maltese islands. With over 9614 data points it is the only authoritative source for informed decision making.

Research based

Our data is based on information supplied by real companies and real individuals. Our data is not based on hunches. We are transparent on the number of observations we have for each job position and the number of companies contributing to it.


All data collected is validated. We will not only ascertain the source and completeness of the information, but also validate the matching of the position to our standardised job descriptions.

Confidential & Secure

Your data is completely anonymised. You can never be identified in our reports. All our data is always presented in aggregate.

Crowdsourced Big-Data at your fingertips

Your data contributes to an ever growing database of 100s of roles you can access from any device.

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What our clients have to say

I would like to take this opportunity to thank SalariesInMalta for their unique and professional approach to providing and presenting market salary bench marks for a variety of roles.

Apart from the user-friendly and informative online interface, what I find particularly helpful is the fact that through the online platform, one can narrow down to a specific role or field of relevant roles that can help one make a more informed decision, from lower to upper quartile salary ranges, all the way to the inclusion of typical additional package perks a role can expect to have.

Analise is especially fantastic with her support and follow-ups and in making the whole process that much better. I would definitely recommend this platform to any employer or HR professional.

- HR Department, FMCG Industry

In today’s varied and dynamic labour market, the SiM tool is an eye-opener and is relative for businesses long term strategic human capital planning and business success.

Although not to be taken on a standalone, the SiM benchmarking tool could be greatly enhanced should more entities join in to improve representativeness.

- SGS Malta Branch, HR Department

We couldn't have predicted how useful SalariesInMalta would be to our organisation. Without data, decisions on salaries can often feel like a shot in the dark especially if one is unaware of what the market is paying for the respective position.

With SalariesInMalta we no longer have this problem. The tool helped us create salary brackets for all our positions and made allocating a salary bracket for new positions more accurate.

- HR Department, Services Industry

I see SalariesInMalta as an essential widget in my toolbox. It is always my go to platform when someone is joining our team or during our annual salary benchmarking. I would like to believe that BLMers work for us because of the empowerment that is woven in our very fabric and that competitive remuneration is a given. I acknowledge that as employers we must always offer competitive packages because although salary is not seen as a motivating factor, lack of it can definitely turn out to be a painful reminder of what someone is missing out.

I believe that SalariesInMalta has also helped us avoid this pitfall. When BLM founded SalariesInMalta it had already become the largest dataset in Malta but since this was taken over by our partners at Integrated Talent Ventures this has gone from strength to strength.

- Business Leaders Malta, CEO & Managing Partner

Our Company was approached by SalariesInMalta at the beginning of 2017 to become a contributor to their growing dataset and ever since we’ve been very impressed with the quality of service and products that they offer. We are regularly kept up to date with the development and progress of their dataset and also new products and features they are offering in the market place.

Malta has traditionally been a difficult location to obtain accurate compensation data for, so the data that SalariesInMalta is making available is very useful to our business to ensure we remain competitive in the market. We have no hesitation in recommending SalariesInMalta to other companies based there.

- HR Department, Gaming Industry

We have been using for the past 2 years and refer to the database quite frequently for both retaining our current workforce and attracting new talent.

Whilst going through our salary reviews we always consult the system to get the latest live data and find the job descriptions particularly useful when issuing new calls as they are very detailed.

I have no hesitation to recommend to other employers and I feel this is a tool we simply cannot do without in today's competitive world.

- P. Cutajar Ltd, Chief Executive Officer

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