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178 Job Positions / 10574 Observations / 240 Companies

Last update: November 2018

A data driven, secure and convenient solution. provides research based compensation data to companies & individuals. Real-time and validated data for better intelligence, transforming the once dark art of compensation into a data-driven science.
With, both employers and individuals have their finger on the pulse of the talent markets.

240 Companies

178 Positions

10574 Data points

November 2018 (Last updated)

A tool to understand the market. offers you a reliable tool to benchmark remuneration packages within the Maltese islands. With over 10574 data points it is the only authoritative source for informed decision making.

Research based

Our data is based on information supplied by real companies and real individuals. Our data is not based on hunches. We are transparent on the number of observations we have for each job position and the number of companies contributing to it.


All data collected is validated. We will not only ascertain the source and completeness of the information, but also validate the matching of the position to our standardised job descriptions.

Confidential & Secure

Your data is completely anonymised. You can never be identified in our reports. All our data is always presented in aggregate.

Crowdsourced Big-Data at your fingertips

Your data contributes to an ever growing database of 100s of roles you can access from any device.

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Top employers, doing things right. aims to provide, a solid understanding of the external value of each position so as to allow an organization to develop a structured approach to compensation packages. Providing information to balance the needs to attract, develop and retain talent, is what really matters for employees and ultimately for Companies.

- HR Business Partner, NESTLE MALTA

Having worked for many years with salary surveys, I am a firm believer that they are one of the main pillars to support HR professionals to structure the right compensation strategies for their organisations. Such salary surveys enable companies to understand market and industry compensation rates, allowing employers to attract and retain the right people.

- Acting HR Director, HUDSON HOLDINGS

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