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Malta's Online Salary Benchmarking Tool

Caroline Buhagiar | 06 May. 2016

A decade ago companies which could afford it had teams of compensation analysts whose sole job was to look at salary data and employee demographics. During the last financial crisis, analysts found themselves out of the organization as companies realized it was a "nice thing to have" vs the cost ...

Creating A Strong Employee Value Proposition

Caroline Buhagiar | 06 May. 2016

A strong employee value proposition (EVP) is not so much what organisations say they do but rather what employees, prospective candidates and customers think about an organisation. Today, employees and customers alike have a strong say on which organisation is considered to be a good employer...

Operating In A VUCA World

Caroline Buhagiar | 06 May. 2016

As the end of year approaches organisations have a tendency to look back and reflect on what went well and what could have done better. Many try to look at their successes and learn from past mistakes. However this type of mind set in today’s global organizations does not work.

In a world whe...

The Gender Pay Gap : An Endless Saga

Human Resources
Caroline Buhagiar | 06 May. 2016

Endless discussions have been brought on the executive’s and government’s agenda for the last 30 years or as long as I can remember since I joined the workforce. The issue of Gender pay gap is no news to us all, however it still persists. In the United States, women earn 78 cents on the dollar co...

The HR Network Series by

Events | 12 Apr. 2016 will be hosting different networking events for its members throughout the year. The focus of this series is to create a strong community of HR Leaders and Practitioners that will redefine and reshape HR in Malta, through the collaboration and sharing of best practices. Throug...

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